Chromium-freeworld pages do not display properly

Since I am not good at english, I will briefly describe and illustrate.
Software: Chromium-freeworld
Version: 85.0.4183.83 (RPM Fusion Build) (64 bit)
Note: The previous version did not have this problem, other software works well.

Reproducible operations:
When browsing a web page,
the cursor goes over the web link,
the cursor goes over the tab bar,
the cursor goes over the browser toolbar,
and enters text in the web page.

System environment:
OS:Fedora 32,
OS Type:64-bit,
GNOME Version:3.36.5,
Windowing System:X11


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Downgrading Chromium-freeworld from 85.0.4183.83 to 81.0.4044.92 is resolved.

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