Chromium based browsers does not save files to "smb" or "afp" shares

Dear community,

I have just noticed that Edge or Brave are not able to save files to my Synology NAS in both AFP our SMB shares.

No error message is displayed which is very annoying. I have been saving a lot of pdf’s and later on I realised that none of them was present in my shared folder.
Firefoy can save with no issues.

Any ideas ?

Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition
OS Type : 64 bit
GNOME 43.3
Windowing System : Wayland

Thank you in advance.

Check the system journal for error messages.
Launch the browser from the terminal and check the output when you try to save files.
Try using different mount methods, i.e. either GIO/GVFS, or fstab/systemd.

Out of curiosity. How did you install them? Are they installed as rpm or flatpak?

@vgaetera Because if they are flatpaks, the issue could be that they don’t support portals and due to their limited permissions (sandboxing) they couldn’t access network shares. Just a supposition.

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