Chrome PWAs in Gnome grouping into the same browser icon


It’s been a few years since I’ve last used gnome and I’m looking for some confirmation if I’m facing a bug or if what’s happening is expected. I use lots of PWAs aka chrome://apps

Currently when I launch these PWAs (such as Discord or teams) the windows are grouping in Chrome in the GNOME dash. This behavior isn’t very expected and wanted from me. I would much prefer for example having chrome running and one of the PWA being a dedicated icon in the dash along with not being grouped with chrome in the application picker.

Being on Fedora silverblue I was able to reproduce this with:

in Flathub

I’ve tried playing with the .desktop files chrome is creating for “apps” most notably StartupWMClass. Changing or playing with this option for apps or the browser it’s self seems to not make a difference.

i’m facing the same issue

For posterity, if you’ve enabled Chrome’s native Wayland support, this is: Web Apps aren't matched on GNOME when using native Wayland · Issue #9 · refi64/flextop · GitHub

As a workaround, you can edit the .desktop file and change StartupWMClass to match the icon name.

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I using chrome and PWA alot and they work as mean to I don’t use flatpak chrome and there is like a bug when you make PWA you need to quit all and then restart and usually it creates all as own app and then shows as wanted not on chrome browser. Worked on me F38 workstation on wayland

THIS was the answer that solved my problem - I am on SilverBlue and need to use flatpak Chrome with 2 PWAs.