Chrome can't be updated because GPG verification fails, which also prevents other system updates from being installed

The latest Chrome update, 114.0.5735.90, is failing to install here. Not just that: all of the other updates simply don’t install, nothing happens when pressing the download button from the Updates page of GNOME Software. pkcon update returns this:

fatal error: package google-chrome-stable-114.0.5735.90-1.x86_64 cannot be verified and repo google-chrome is GPG enabled: /var/cache/PackageKit/38/metadata/google-chrome-38-x86_64/packages/google-chrome-stable-114.0.5735.90-1.x86_64.rpm could not be verified.
/var/cache/PackageKit/38/metadata/google-chrome-38-x86_64/packages/google-chrome-stable-114.0.5735.90-1.x86_64.rpm:  digest:  SIGNATURE:  NOT OK

pkcon update also doesn’t update the other packages that need updating. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I’m using Fedora 38 Workstation.

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