Chrome 124.0.6367.60-1 fails do draw UI ("invisible windows") with Nvidia driver

I have been using chrome without any issues (in fact, it is currently my only way to use MS Teams), until this morning’s update.

After updating chrome and the kernel, now when I launch it its windows come up “invisible” – their placeholders appear on GNOME’s overview, and I can even close them, but UI isn’t drawn.

I tried starting it on the CLI with --disable-gpu to disable hardware acceleration, to no effect. Oddly enough, chromium works as expected.

Anyone using Nvidia’s latest proprietary driver (version 550.67) facing similar issues?


Try running Chrome with flag --ozone-platform=wayland


Thanks @hz964 ! I was doubtful it would work, because I had already forced this on chrome://flags, but I decided to try it anyway… and it worked! :thinking: :person_shrugging:

Now, the only way I found it to be effective is to copy /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications and manually insert the --ozone-platform=wayland on the Exec line. Is there any easier/more adequate way of doing that?

Not just nvidia driver. AMDGPU having the same issue

Upstream ticket: Chromium


Nice @luminoso , thanks for the pointers! Indeed, that is exactly what’s happening: chrome is ignoring #ozone-platform-hint setting unless it is also passed as a command line argument. Google devs already acknowledged it, let’s hope a fix comes soon.

Same issue can not open chrome running in wayland.i had the
#ozone-platform-hint set to auto.I tried setting it to wayland logging out and back in did not work so i logged in with xorg reset the flag back to auto.

It appears the current workaround may be in post #3

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I think you can insert insert --ozone-platform=wayland as a line in ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf to apply the flag without having to do it manually from the command line.