Choosing between Flatpak and RPM

You think. So that’s an assumption, right ? :wink: I do not presume, I read docs, watch how people (including creators/maintainers) are using SB. E.g., here Matthias Clasen is talking about advantages and disadvantages of package layering. Jorge Castro has multiple videos on use of SB, this video in particular talks about package layering as well.

I never said that. What I said that there are 3 ways of adding SW/apps to the SB are meant to achieve slightly different goals as they add SW/apps differently. Those ways also having its advantages and disadvantages, thus should not be used interchangeably or one of those ways for all cases, although technically that might be possible. Again, you (or anyone else) are free to do with your systems anything you what, but saying that package layering is equally OK to manage all types of your SW on SB is misleading.

In order not stay off topic here, I stop arguing now :smiley: Peace!

Honestly, as someone who’s just starting to get acquainted with the world of Linux, it’s been fascinating for me watching the discussions here, even if it’s not directly relevant to the question I asked.

Thanks Michael :slight_smile: The discussion is more or less interesting, but way over my head for the moment… It doesn’t answer my question as non-programming end-user or something like that…