Choose your update?

hi everyone, brand new in the linux world and fedora , i just want to know if i can choose between those 2 update and how to do it , as i don’t need the synergy one
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Usually you want to update everything.

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Always get all updates you can get, and update at the best daily. Even if you feel satisfied by the features your tools provide, updates often contain stability and security fixes (… and who knows: maybe you will enjoy some of the new features, too :slight_smile: )

This is why I suggest to automate updates anyway, at least those that are marked as security-relevant. Since you seem to use GNOME / Workstation, I do not know how to do that within your GUI. The GUI/desktop-independent variant would be dnf-automatic.

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i usually update everything but here the sinergy brought me back to another version which isn’t working properly with my computers as it helps to share one mouse and keyboards with 2 computers , here macosx and linux fedora