Changing the category slug for Fedora Magazine category

I just noticed this now, but the category slug — intended to be a short URL thing — for this category is set to Discussion-related-to-Fedora-Magazine. I guess when it was created someone, someone misinterpreted that as meant to be a longer description. This is isn’t an awful problem, but does make URLs longer than they should be, and the capital letter is annoying.

I would like to change this to just “magazine”. Any URLs which are like this:

with the 57 will keep working (and in fact get magically redirected), but if there are any that are just

they will break. I don’t think there are likely to be too many of those, and I’d like to do it sooner rather than later. Any objections?

Worksforme. I’ll check the docs to correct any links there

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Okay, done!

I also updated the “About this category” post with @asamalik’s content from a different thread.

Docs updated in commit 9e7f04e.