Changing Ownership of F40 (and other) Change Proposals

Hi all,

Quick FYI - I will be going through the change proposals posted on here and changing their ownership to the proposal submitter. It makes more sense both visually and practically as the owner(s) can reply to questions folks might have, and also when quoting, it doesn’t look like they are my words and ideas - I am just the Fedora Change Messenger :slight_smile:

I may have to alter the timestamp on change announcements when changing ownership of posts back to its original posting date if my edit causes them to move to today’s date, but hopefully the ownership change doesn’t cause this to happen,. If it does, that’s the fix for it that I will do.




Welcome aboard! You are a brave lady :wink:

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Thank you Les!

Happy to be here and that made me smile so double thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve had your new job, in 1967, with IBM in hardware manufacturing, so I know you have what was then called “an opportunity to excel”

All the best!

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