Changed the background, made it crash


About a month ago, I changed the background on my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC running Fedora (I don’t know the specific update) and for some reason, it made it crash! I knew this computer was old and slow, but I didn’t think it was gonna do this!

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Welcome to fedora @tthom ,

Try to select a older kernel while booting. You have to press Esc key that the menu appears.

Sorry uh, how do I do that?? I’ve never done something like this before. I tried looking it up to see how I could do that, but I think they’re using the terminal. And since I can’t access the terminal because I can’t log in, I’m stumped.

You just need to enter to the grub menu … this will not be shown by default while booting … so pressing Esc will display it.

Then you can select an older kernel if there is one.

From the Screenshot you provided, it looks like you are already in Gnome Desktop.

What happens when you hit Super/Windows key twice ?