Change update frequency of GNOME Software

Hello Fedora developers and users,

Does somebody here knows how I can change the update frequency of GNOME Software?

In the current situation GNOME Software checks for new updates daily and that means that everyday I get the message that there is some small update. I think that’s too much. Once a week would be enough.

I also think this is an usability error. Does anybody know here where I can report this? Do I need Red Hat Bugzilla for this or the GNOME Gitlab instance?

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker

Disabling it via UI does nothing. This is getting windows like.

The only thing I know to do from my knowledge is open the gnome-software center and click the three dots on the right then click update preferences and turn auto updates off.

You can’t change the auto update frequency at the moment.

“at the moment”, I like that :slight_smile:.
Hopefully there will be some kind of option in the future (or the default is so good that we don’t need it).

Thanks for clarifying!