Change the gamma or contrast of a screen in Wayland

Hello Fedora Silverblue users and developers!

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the gamma or contrast in Wayland?
The colors on my laptop screen are a little bit washed out and I want to fix that.

I tried the xrandr and xgamma but they both don’t have any effect.

Is there some other tool I could use?

Thanks in advance,

Scott Trakker

Hello @scotttrakker,

Maybe look here for some info on Gnome and Wayland.
I had to layer it on Silverblue. [edit]

I think it may have what you are looking for. Other than that, I guess it could be GPU dependent?
Oh you said laptop! How about the power and nighttime settings?

Hello Jakfrost,

Thanks for trying to help me!
I think you shared the wrong link (the link that you sent, links to the documentation of the Gconf-editor.)?

Scott Trakker

No I thought it was the right tool to use, and it may be still, but I am not familiar with it enough to be useful on this topic. I open it up and there are no keys setup, but I don’t know the gnome shell like I need to to use it properly. AFAIK it is the administrators goto tool for Gnome tweaking.

TLDR: Settings > Accessibility > Zoom

After buying a new laptop, and suffering through some mild singeing of my retinas for the first week of ownership, and after relentless googling I may have found an answer that will work for you (at least it did for me).

My setup: Gnome, Wayland, Fedora 33, Dell XPS 15 9500

You should be able to find in the Zoom feature via Settings > Accessibility > “Seeing” > Zoom. Here you should be able to modify brightness, contrast, color according to your preferences. Set magnification to 1.0 (unless you want your focus to follow the mouse around). If you run into weird lingering visual artifacts from the mouse you can enable the crosshair and customize the color to be transparent (I also have thickness and length set to the minimum, and unchecked the “overlaps mouse cursor”, although I’m not sure whether these settings matter).

Lastly, for convenience and easy toggling, via Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts there should be an option for “Turn zoom on or off” which you can map to an appropriate key binding (mine is set to “Shift + Monitor brightness down”).

Credit goes to Bastien: Bug 741224 – new functionality request: Screen shader (control color temperature and brightness)

Best of luck!

Hello Evan,

Thanks for sharing your solution!

I know that I solved the problem last year but I don’t know anymore how :confused: .


Scott Trakker

You’re welcome Scott! And no worries! I was at ends trying to find anything that worked, all of the solutions I had came across either didn’t work due to Wayland compatibility, or didn’t quite dim things enough. Hopefully this helps others who may be in the same boat further down the road!