Change Silverblue defaults to solve lack of space when installing apps


Due to Silverblue nature, Flatpak applications are more used than rpm layering, which brings quite a few GB on Sdk/Platform installations.

It has come to a point in my default installation that the root partition is full, and I have less than 30 applications installed. This is also due to Flatpak installing by default system wide instead of user wide. I had to start uninstalling some applications to install other applications, which is less than ideal.

I guess Silverblue should either increase the root partition size to give more room to both Sdk/Platform bits and apps or do installation of apps per user while leaving the Sdk/Platform system-wide.


Do you need help making more space or are you just suggesting silverblue change the defaults?


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I’m suggesting Silverblue to change the defaults.


Seems to me like the default for Flatpak should be to install in user space, not system space. Is that something that can be set in a configuration file, or is it hard-wired into the GNOME Software tooling somehow?