Change root password Silverblue

Is there a way to change the root password in silverblue? I have physical access to my pc.

Do you have a user account? Is it an account with sudo privileges? If so, please see Unsure of password for root; never prompted to set it during install. If not, please clarify. Thanks!

yes i have a user account. After booting up i can select the user but the password that i usually use doesn’t work. I tried to change the password following the guide below but it doesn’t work for silverblue. After reboot the new password does not work.

How do i change the password for a user if i cant remember the correct password but have physical access to my pc?

during boot menu where i can choose the ostree i press e and add rw init=/bin/bash at the end of the correct line and press ctr + x. Bash will open and i enter ID, result i get is: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

when i enter: sudo passwd username i enter the pw twice and reboot with /sbin/reboot -f without running touch /.autorelabel since that won’t work.

Is there a special way for silverblue to change/reset a password once you lost it?

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after running sudo passwd username you should type sync to force write edited /etc/passwd to disk, and after that you can reboot and it should work.

Sadly it does not work.

Is it diffrent in Silverblue? I typed sync and rebooted and it still won’t work.

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Indeed, none of these instructions has effect on OSTree-based systems. I use IoT, and I have the same problem.