Change primary GPU in wayland gnome

I intend on making games using unreal and VS 2022, however those to programs do not work on linux which is why i intend on using a windows kvm. However without a graphics card the system runs very choppy. Since i have 2 gpus on me (1030 and 3070 ti) i wanted to use the 1030 as a pass through for my windows kvm and keep the 3070 ti for my linux machine. After having installed both gpus in my system. (FYI im running f36 with gnome 42.5 and wayland).

running gnome-software and gnome-control-center gives

Gdk-Message: 15:15:14.400: Error flushing display: Protocol error

and the screen felt as if it had a lower refresh rate.
running X11 seemed to work fine, what do i do?