Change Fedora 32 desktop from Cinnamon desktop of Fedora Spins to Fedora Workstation Official Edition

Is it possible to do without a clean install ?

All you would have to do is install the Gnome Desktop Environment. Instructions can be found here:

If everything works, you can also later remove the Cinnamon desktop. If you want you can also have the two co-exist on one system. During login (gdm login manager) you could decide which one to start/login.

let us know if you face any problems.


Sorry, the doc only tells you how to switch between Desktops.

You can install Gnome by installing the Fedora Workstation package:

sudo dnf group install workstation-product-environment
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If I installed GNOME DE, how could I uninstall Cinnamon DE?
And then, will my Fedora 32 be the same as Fedora 32 Workstation Official Edition ?

sudo dnf group remove "Cinnamon" 


    sudo dnf group remove "Cinnamon Desktop"

Be very careful when removing a Desktop. Sometimes that doesn’t work because of dependencies or because the whole base sysem is part of that environment group, dnf wants to remove stuff like systemd and dnf itself. In that case, you better backup /home and do a clean reinstall.

(in case it doesn’t work, check out the exact group name, I may not have it right from the top of head)

Yes. Fedora base system is identical no matter what Desktop you run. So, the desktop makes the only difference. Once you have installed that, your system matches the spin.

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