Change background image to single color

Hi, I have this totally newbie question which shouldn’t even be an issue but I can’t find it. I want to change my background to a plain color (eg black or grey). I am running F33 workstation and gnome. There used to be options in the change background in settings but now I am only given options to select different images but I am not given the option to select a color.

Any help is more than appreciated.

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I think the plain color options are gone. A workaround would be to create a png file with the color you want and use that as the background. That file can be tiny, like 10 x 10 pixels, it seems to stretch and fill the whole screen by default.

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Thanks a lot! I did search before asking but failed to find that. Thanks a lot.

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Hello @pattakosn
Could you mark this topic as solved? (If the provided links solved your issue, of course).


Hi @alciregi, I didn’t know that. Is it ok now?


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