Chance of OS corruptuion when using GParted

This tells me that whatever folder you may have been in must be in the users $PATH. If not the command should not have worked without the path part at the beginning.

I was in ~/Downloads/ventoy-1.0.95.

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Weak security practices are more of a danger to your OS than GParted.

It is dangerous for the shell to run scripts or executables in . (the current directory) , so Fedora does not add it to the PATH. My experience has been than many Windows users have found advice “to make linux more like Windows” recommending this change. You also appear to have a “root” user, which is many users now avoid for security reasons. You can use “sudo” (overly complex for most users outside large enterprise environments) or “doas” (just the most widely used features, so less likely to have exploitable bugs) for operations that require “root” privileges.

I think I get it, but I don’t have root privileges to my user, I always use sudo to make any changes to anything in the system. Also, I didn’t even recommend any change to linux whatsoever, even though I don’t understand why few things are like that, but think that the devs might definitely have some reason of adding/not having that feature and I just leave the discussion about that thing. I was in the directory /home/(my username)/Downloads/ventoy-1.0.95 (to be more exact)

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