CentOS Stream 9 on Oracle Cloud

I’ve been using Oracle Cloud, and the available images include CentOS Stream 8 but not Stream 9, are there any plans to make Stream 9 available over there?

Due to Oracle Cloud’s extremely accommodating Free Tier (https://www.oracle.com/cloud/free/), I’ve been doing some testing over there, and it would be great to have Stream 9.


I’m not sure, but AlmaLinux ELevate is set ti release support for in-place upgrading from EL8 to EL9 any day now, so you might be able to upgrade your CS8 stuff to CS9 that way:

(Last I checked, support is already in the testing branch, but hasn’t been officially released as of this very moment.)

I checked into this, and apparently the Stream 8 images have nothing to do with anything anyone on the Stream team has done on purpose. So I think the best thing to do is ask the Oracle Cloud folks for it.

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It’s not as convenient as just using a stock image, but you can upload the GenericCloud image there and use that. It should work for both architectures. I ran some experiments with both EL8 and EL9 and haven’t encountered any issues so far.


Can confirm, I used the aarch64 9-stream image following the Oracle docs, and it worked just fine. I did switch the boot type to UEFI somewhere, though — not sure whether that made a difference for the aarch64 image; it might have since my first attempt without it failed.

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