Cendric, rpg with platformer dungeons

I stumbled on Cendric. It is available on Steam and itch.io. The source code is MIT licensed. The graphics and sound are not. Some are CC-BY-NC-SA and some are more restrictive. The game can be played without needing to buy it to get all the game content. It’s not a great game.It has an overworld that you wander around and talk to people but the dungeon/event areas are platformer screens. I don’t find the combat that interesting and there is a lot of instant death areas.

The instructions for compiling didn’t work for me. I didn’t do a recursive clone. I added “-D USE_SYSTEM_SFML=1” to the cmake line to have it use the system SFML.

I’ve added Gamerzilla support which has been merged into the developer’s repo.