Cell phone microphone does not work on notebook with fedora 38

I have a nitro 5 ryzen 7 amd
and I have a problem with the microphone on the p3 headphones, it’s a cell phone with a built-in microphone but the microphone is not recognized, the phone is recognized but the microphone is not, I tried to find solutions but nothing works, I use fedora 38
Codec: Nvidia GPU 94 HDMI/DP
Codec: Realtek ALC295

I’m sorry the English is from google translator


it only recognizes the laptop’s internal microphone

Hello @lipenhu ,
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I don’t see how the mic of your phone can be connected as the mic of your PC. The phone is (usually) connecting to your PC as storage, unless you have special software specifically for such a purpose, and I would think the Phone would require something (software/app) for sharing it. Generally, you don’t want an external device to use your (cell phone) mic since that would mean potential for someone to turn it on when you aren’t aware. What model of cell phone is it?