Cant use Caret (^) as Ingame-Hotkey for League of Legends

Hey guys,

I just switched from Windows to Fedora and on my Windows install I always used ^ to show the scoreboard in League of Legends.

When I try it on Fedora nothing happens ingame and on the lower left corner of the game (or any other program I’m in when I press the key) it shows the Caret Symbol until I press it again.

Why does that happen and can I disable it?

Thanks in advance!

Can you please give us an example, preferably a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing?

Hitting caret here on my Fedora Linux 36 installation does nothing—or whatever caret should do. I don’t see anything special in any application.

It’s a dead key, and the system is waiting for you to press another key so you’d get something like û as input. I’ve noticed this happening with ´ in MMOs where actions map to the number line on the keyboard, and the furthest-to-the-right key on that line is ´ on my keyboard; a dead key. The ´ shows up in the bottom left corner as indication that GNOME is waiting for me to press another key. I’ve never found a way to get rid of this behavior while a game is open, so I just work around it my remapping game keys to something else.