Can't unlock keyring after enabling/disabling auto-login

Hi all,

After enabling automatic login through the Settings > User dialog I am being prompted for my password anyway after the gui shell loads up:


My password is not recognized. I can close the dialog, but it reappears when doing certain actions: performing a search in the activities overview, launching certain apps (Chrome, vscode, …); or just randomly

The problem persists even after disabling automatic login and changing my password.

As you can imagine this is super annoying and is making my machine basically unusable. Help!

edit: to facilitate finding this post, the prompt reads:

Authentication required
The password you use to log in to your computer no longer matches that of your login keyring.
The unlock password was incorrect

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Example error log from journalctl -f:
goa-daemon[7059]: secret_password_lookup_sync() returned NULL

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Thanks, i’d actually rather not use automatic login in the end.
I tried using seahorse to change the keyring password; but obviously that’s not possible if I can’t open the current one. Somehow it seems the password’s been corrupted

Ended up using seahorse to delete the keyring. If you are facing a similar problem and end up choosing this solution, remember that the keyring may contain passwords to encrypted drives, so make sure you have a backup somewhere.


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