Can't trigger skip action with Airpods Pro 2th gen

I’m on Fedora 38 (no updates available currently) and using my Airpods Pro 2th gen via bluetooth with a TP-LINK TX50E WiFi/Bluetooth PCI-e card. They work great (apart from the fact that I had to use bluetoothctrl to pair them) but when I quickly double tap on of the the stems to skip a song, it actually pauses or resumes. I still haven’t figured out why it happens but I tested the same setup on Windows and I’m able to skip songs. What can I do to fix the issue?

After searching more on the internet, I finally fixed it. Thanks to the Arch Wiki I discovered MPRIS which translates the actions from the Bluetooth service into the MPRIS protocol and sends them into the applications.

Steps to fix the issue:

  1. Install mpris-scrobbler
    sudo dnf install mpris-scrobbler

  2. Create a systemd service file in ~/.config/systemd/user

    // mpris-proxy.service
    Description=Forward bluetooth media controls to MPRIS
  3. Enable the service via systemctl
    systemctl enable mpris-proxy.service --user

  4. Start the service via systemctl
    systemctl start mpris-proxy.service --user