Can't select tiles in GNOME Mahjongg

I’m having a slight problem, after a fresh install of Fedora 38 KDE, gnome-mahjongg won’t allow selecting of tiles. no matter which tile you click the same one tile light and the game will not play.
get the following warning when I launch it from a terminal.

(gnome-mahjongg:5310): Gtk-WARNING **: 06:15:32.082: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1652:16: '-gtk-icon-size' is not a valid property name
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It has been reported here: rhbz#2187055 – gnome-mahjongg will not allow selecting a tile.

As an alternative, you could try kmahjongg from Fedora repos, or either one from Flathub.

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Thanks, I already have kmahjongg. But wife likes the gnome one :slight_smile:
I appreciate the reply and link.
Will wait and see if it get resolved, but looks like it’s been a bug for awhile now :frowning:

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Updated package is now in testing.

For those who are able to help, testing and giving feedback on bodhi will help the update be released sooner for everyone :slight_smile: