Cant see my partitioned on install

I have one ssd disk. So i took 50 gb from disk for linux only. But on install i cant see 50gb disk. Only my main ssd disk. How can i install fedora to partitioned disk?
Also i can see my disk on terminal:

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What does this mean? Did you shrink the main storage partition on Windows, using the Windows partition manager?

Also use KDE Partitionmanager to see better.

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Yeah that what i did. Shrinked main disk on windows

The command just displays your disks. The actual disks.

Use lsblk or kde partitionmanager to view the partitions.

Did you then format that 50GB partition in Windows?
I see that /dev/sda5 is a 47.8G partition that is likely it, but its formated as NTFS (I assume).

The size different is almost certainly down to 100010001000 == G vs. 102410241024 == Gi. Using Python to do the conversion:

>>> (1000**3/1024**3)*50

FYI: The disk is /dev/sda and the sda1 to sda7 are partitions on that disk.

Oh, true, its sd[a-z][partition]

But the space is likely not showing because it is simply empty and not a partition. You would see that in KDE Partition manager

so i should format is as ext4 or smth like that?

If it is unformatted then the fedora installer will ofter to use that partition for fedora and format it as btrfs.

If it in fact formatted then you will need to tell the fedora installer that it can delete that partition and then puts fedora partitions in it place.


I would just mark this as the answer. This is wanted behavior.

You dont see a partition, just try to install it and then see if it works.

Did you already install Linux once? Or Fedora? Because I find it odd that you didnt open the installer but know about fdisk

Note that the fedora installer will use an unallocated space for installation with the automatic config.

If the space already has a partition created then the user must use the manual config and manipulate the space to install fedora into that space.

Several users have reported problems with installation when they created a partition for installation and the automatic installation would not work.