Can't restore file from deja-dup

Very similar to this: Deja-Dup in Fedora 30 unable to create or restore - #22 by saywot

I have had deja-dup doing automatic backups of my Fedora 33 machine to an external 10T drive for some time. It seems to work and passes the automatic restoration verifications.

Yesterday I accidentally erased a file I needed and so I want to restore it, but it doesn’t appear to work. Here’s what I tried:

deja-dup --restore /home/me/secret.txt

After a long period of time, it finally shows me the most recent backup which is a few days old. I hit the “Forward” button on the upper right corner of the dialog box and then it goes and goes and goes for a very long time (over an half hour) and eventually asks me where I want to restore the file (answer: exactly where it was) but then it just shuts down without restoring the file.


Nothing in dmesg, but journalctl has these lines:

Feb 13 13:03:50 flash earlyoom[999]: mem avail:   130 of 15952 MiB ( 0.82%), swap free:  492 of 4991 MiB ( 9.86%)
Feb 13 13:03:50 flash earlyoom[999]: low memory! at or below SIGTERM limits: mem  2.51%, swap 10.00%
Feb 13 13:03:51 flash earlyoom[999]: sending SIGTERM to process 179688 uid 1000 "duplicity": badness 979, VmRSS 9818 MiB
Feb 13 13:03:51 flash earlyoom[999]: process exited after 0.5 seconds

This an i7 machine with 16GiB and almost nothing else running! The file is just a plain text file that’s probably less than 25KiB, so after a half hour of running, it fails to restore a single file?! What’s going on here? This does not inspire much confidence in deja-dup…