Can't Power Off & X-Org Every Time I Logout

So, there is NO Power Off Button in the Menu & Even after using Keyboard Shortcut / Physical Button, That Power Off / Restart Popup Comes BUT Pressing those Option don’t do anything.

In short, I CAN’T SHUTDOWN MY PC. Need to do Force Shutdown by Keep Pressing Physical Button.

And Every time I get Logged out / Restart - The Default selected option is X-Org I need to select Wayland every single time!

Fedora 32 x86_64 Beta
Kernel: 5.6.2-301GNOME 3.36.1

It was working fine before, I think this started happening when Updated my system from
Kernel 5.6 => 5.6.2
And also upgraded gnome-shell from 3.36.1 => 3.36.1 release 3
OR maybe when due to Power Outage, PC suddenly got shutdown. (More Possibility)

Can’t enable systemd-logind & it’s status gives this logs. ● systemd-logind.service - Login Service Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/ - Also included status logs

While doing reboot manually from terminal, I get this. sudo reboot works fine.

Failed to set wall message, ignoring: Action org.freedesktop.login1.set-wall-message is not registered
Failed to reboot system via logind: Action org.freedesktop.login1.reboot is not registered
Failed to open initctl fifo: Permission denied
Failed to talk to init daemon.

Boot into an older kernel and see if the problem persists. (before boot hit ESC to see the grub boot menu)

I tried that already. No Luck :frowning:
Can’t enable systemd-logind & it’s status gives this logs.

Anyone knows How to Fix that, Wayland / X-org issue?

I’ve never had this happen, but here is my best guess. First thing I would try is update the system then reboot to see if its fixed. Perhaps its a known bug thats already been patched:
$ sudo dnf update
$ shutdown -r now

Regarding xorg default: Perhaps try looking in /etc/gdm/custom.conf and check if WaylandEnable=false is still commented out. If this is uncommented (missing the #) then the system will default to xorg. Here’s an example of a custom.conf that defaults to Wayland:

[user@#$#$#$# ~]$ cat /etc/gdm/custom.conf 
# GDM configuration storage

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg





# Uncomment the line below to turn on debugging

Good luck. I’ll post back if I come across anything else.

That file is right. Its Commented*

Fixed all those issues. There were not only these 2 issues but realized there were a lot more!
It was Flatpak who messed up my System, but then Timeshift saved Me!
Full Story -

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