Can't open Extension Settings in Tweaks Fedora-32

I am testing Fedora 32 & noticed that you cant open Extension settings from Tweaks.
Is this a Bug or Tweaks is incompatible with New GNOME / Fedora?

Also, I didn’t got Separate Extensions App preinstalled with gnome on F32. How to install it?

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  1. :fedora: 32 beta is not released yet, schedule → Fedora Linux 32 Schedule: Key
  2. See → 3.36 Release Note see the first part Extension


See → 3.36 Release Note see the first part Extension

But i don’t have Extensions App. What’s its package name?
Or it it not available yet?

maybe someone with 32 can help you better, but what i can understand you can find this setting under gnome settings.,


I searched for the extension app, but there is nothing in the repo :frowning: :expressionless:

It’s gnome-extensions-app, it is in the 32 repos.


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