Can't login to Pagure - OpenID request was cancelled

I’ve just got logged out of and when I try to login, I get blank page OpenID request was cancelled at URL with some params. This happens after entering password on FAS page.

Yeah there is an intermittent problem the infrastructure team is dealing with.

Nice to know. Would be even nicer to get updates on it from

Yes, I’ll mention that to the team.

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Does clearing your cookies help?

Clearing cookies didn’t help.
Clearing didn’t help too. Interesting that there are a lot of cookies for it.

Info is on, along with some debugging info in the associated issue ticket.

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That’s good that somebody could login and report that. Looks like this sssd turned out to be a complicated piece of code with poor traceability (OpenTracing with username spans?). Without diagrams describing how it all works I am afraid I can’t help with debugging it. At least I could propose a better error message with actionable link than just a blank page with.


It may be another issue, because it is not just a temporary error for me. I still can’t login there.

And no, I can not login to with the password I used for

If you cannot login to then it is not this issue…

You should go there and use the forgot password option to reset your password, confirm you can login with the new password there, then try and login elsewhere.

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Well. I don’t remember resetting my Fedora password - it is stored in password manager. I have opened a RedHat account recently. Don’t remember why. Could this cause my password reset on Fedora account?

I’ve just tried to login with random password and the error is the same. The bug here is that should report the wrong password and not redirect back to Pagure with blank page. I believe that previously form reported the wrong password, but there was a bug that upon entering right password afterwards, the form page would lost redirect URL.

Yes, I entered my RedHat password and logged in into

So the issue is kind of resolved. Thanks. )

And I had to clear cookies to finally login to Pagure.

Cool. Glad you got it working.

There’s no connection with and accounts tho, so I am not sure what happened there. ;(

Yeah, there’s some improvments in the pipeline for the login handling there. Sorry it’s confusing.

Strange. Maybe I’ve mixed something in my password manager.