Can't Log into Fedora anymore as admin user and also root

I was shutting down and as it was taking a while, i forced it to shutdown (bad idea in retrospect).
Upon starting up, I get the error

Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked.

I follow @nightromantic’s solution here but instead of using a fedora live disk, i used an ubuntu 18.04 live disk and reset the root password.
Now it boots up to the Login Page but can’t Login for both my initial admin user and root, I also can’t login using the terminal.

I have also tried to rename .local and .config folders but no luck.
Help Please!!

if you actually reset the root password, then you should have access to root at least

I felt so too but, that is not the case. Maybe i should mention that while following the steps here and required I skipped step 6

Try this:

Don’t miss steps

Thanks so much, am in as root and also as the admin user
Its asking to set up the desktop afresh, I suspect that’s because i renamed .local or .config.
Will revert those changes.
I’m truly grateful

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Awesome … don’t forget to tick/mark the post that solved your problem so that others will similar issues can find it.

Enjoy Fedora!

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