Can't log in to security box on browser startup

Every time I startup a browser, typically while I am starting up my session in the morning, I get a dialog box demanding to know what my *security code" is, which, it informs me, “didn’t get filled when you logged in.”

They are not talking about the user’s password or the root password, I have tried those. They seem to want a pgp key or some other type of key that unlocks something important, security-wise.

I was never invited to help create such a security key at login or at login or at any other time. I’m expected to know what they are talking about, which I don’t. The dialog box does not dismiss easily. Usually it will go away after I hit [Esc] about 6 to 8 times, or if I cancel it with the “x” in the upper right corner three or four times.

I am left believing I am missing out on something important involving security, but truthfully it has almost never stopped me from doing what I need to do.

I use Cinnamon but the same thing has happened to me on MATE/COMPIZ, The same behavior has happened with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Chromium.

If anyone known the answer to this conundrum, or simply knows how to reset the key, I would be grateful.


Joescousin (“Bill”)

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Make sure your keyring password matches your login password, or set empty password if you have automatic login enabled.

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I am giving away my lack of knowledge, but what is my “keyring password” and how do I match it to my login password, which changes frequently to attempt to thwart hackers (which are very active in my network).

Thanks for your answer.

GNOME Keyring > Manage using GUI

Probably you should change the password using GNOME Settings to keep it synced.

I doubt it helps in any way.

Thanks again for your replies.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what the “Login keyring” is,or does. And I don’t, as a Cinnamon user, have such an option

GNOME Keyring > Manage using GUI

As far as changing the password “using GNOME settings,” I tried this, I even “group” installed “GNOME Desktop Environment” and seahorse to try these, but still, I can’t change or delete the “login keyring” (whatever it is), because I don’t know what the old password was.

If there is a way to change the password without knowing the old password (perhaps as root), or a way to delete the login password and start over, I would love to know.

Now I can just scratch my head and say: “*Qu’est-ce que c’est que le LOGIN KEYRING?? Where did it come from, what purpose does it serve, who can I blame for my troubles?” I say with tongue in cheek on that last part.

In any case thanks, and just maybe I’ll switch to GNOME Desktop for a day and see what is so clear to all of you “GNOME-heads” (no insult intended.)

Thanks for your help, though.

PS. And though I signed up as Joe’s cousin, which I am, I was then allowed to use my chosen handle, “BryGuy,” which I prefer

No, you can only delete the default keyring and create a new one.
The default keyring is here: