Can't load PulseAudio module-rtp-send

I’m trying to stream audio from my laptop to some other device using module-rtp-send as described here but I keep getting error Failure: No such entity.
I assumed that rtp module is not installed but then I can’t find any rtp module in dnf repository.
Worth noting that I’m using PulseAudio on PipeWire 0.3.34. Could this be the problem?

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Yes this could. If you want to change back to PulseAudio without PipeWire just read the wiki here:
Changes/DefaultPipeWire - Fedora Project Wiki


Thank you. That was the issue. In link you provided there is even mention that discovery and audio routing is yet to be implemented. Looks like for now it’s best to just switch back to PulseAudio and wait for this to be implemented.