Can't install scilab


Hello, tried install scilab in Fedora 31 LXQt with comand:

dnf install scilab

but show this:

    Problema: conflicting requests
- nothing provides jeuclid needed by scilab-6.0.2-2.fc31.x86_64
- nothing provides jrosetta needed by scilab-6.0.2-2.fc31.x86_64
(pruebe a añadir '--skip-broken' para descartar los paquetes que no se pueden instalar)

previous in Fedora 28 have problems, then in 29 and 30 works perfectly, the issue come back. :dizzy_face:
Please help me to install Scilab. :cry:

hi @robbykz

Download scilab from this web site

and unpack the folder you need only run the ./scilab file in the console and the program will start and you will don’t need install anything it is complete with all dependencies in the folder you can read the file readme to see it.

like you can see

It is a easy way to be secure a right program.

Unfortunately there are many programs with dependencies problems between other things.


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These dependencies are in the FTBFS (fail to build from source) status on Fedora:

I would advice to file a bug against scilab to ask the package maintainers if they are aware of the situation and what they think to do.


I am the Scilab maintainer. No need to file a bug - I am aware of the issue.

The situation is that Scilab fails to build from source since a number of Java dependencies have been neglected by their respective maintainers, and some have consequently been withdrawn from Fedora. I am working to restore these dependencies, but a couple of them are now no longer maintained upstream, so there has been a few unexpected headaches.

If you can resolve the dependencies yourself, feel free to take @xtym’s suggestion. Otherwise, please bear with me while I fix things up again.


For me Scilab is better than octave and almost a “Libre Matlab”,jamesturnerturner246 thanks for your work!

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