Can't install fedmod (for flatpak packaging)


I’m following the Flatpak Packaging Tutorial from Fedora Docs.

Under setup section, the first step calls for installing fedmod.

Trying to do so results in a package not found error.

[chocolate@fedora ~]$ sudo dnf install fedmod
[sudo] password for chocolate: 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:35:00 ago on Fri 17 Jun 2022 04:30:03 PM IST.
No match for argument: fedmod
Error: Unable to find a match: fedmod

Digging further, I find that fedmod is not maintained anymore. (source : rpms/fedmod) Relevant bug report says that package could not be built, hence has been orphaned.

Koji indicates that fedmod was never built for Fedora 36, and the last build for Fedora 35 resulted in failure.

From what I understand, the package is required for building flatpaks. As I said it was mentioned in docs. I also find it mentioned on modules/flatpak-runtime. So I suggest we look into it and get it working again.


CC: @siosm @tpopela @chococandy

Yes, the fedmod failed to build from source and hence was retired. I would suggest to look at the " Creating a runtime for a new Fedora release" section in Tree - modules/flatpak-runtime - that is up to date and is based on my experience creating the Fedora 36 runtime - especially see the point number 5. Long term plan is to move the required functionality (basically the resolve dependencies one) from fedmod to flatpak-module (any help there is appreciated). Then we could leave fedmod to its destiny (it’s a pity that modularity people are not interested in this anymore).

@sumantrom you might be also interested in this.