Cant get past the Grub bootloader

When I tried to install this

I now cant get into the fedora OS.

I get to the grub boot loader and boot a kernel version and then my RGB keyboard shutoff and nothing happens. I am posting my config below please help and soon.
Thank you

Your kernel cmdline is clearly a mess. You have tons of duplicate entries in it. Have you tried stripping it down to the minimum and seeing if you can boot?

Also, the pictures are so blurry it is hard to tell but did the dots in your kernel get changed to commas?

What is the minimum?

Probably everything before intel_iommu=on

Witch one? their is several

OK I’m in with no GUI. Now what?

I would start by undoing whatever changes you made to get it back to where it was.

I ran a script. How do I just set grub to defaults?

Well I have no clue how but I fixed it


My advice would be to not run that script again. :grin:

Well it’s still working despite what happened last time. Thank you for the help :smile: