Can't get Grub2 reinstall to overwrite master boot record

I have four linux distributions installed on my PC, with Fedora 37 KDE spin the last, so fedora’s grub2 install boots the rest. openSUSE updated it’s grub2 and over wrote fedora’s. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but if I don’t boot fedora with it’s own grub2, the nvidia modules don’t load and it reverts to Nouveau.

I have tried and tried to reinstall grub2 from within fedora and it will not overwrite the boot record and replace openSUSE’s. I copied and pasted the commands from fedora’s own instructions into a terminal and the scriptlet runs and recreates the directories but the boot record remains untouched. I’m am at a loss on this one. I have an install of debian, arch, opensuse and they will all install grub2 fine, but won’t properly boot fedora, so I have to boot from my bios (UEFI) which is cumbersome and frustrating. Any thoughts on this? I’m really stumped.

In a UEFI scenario, it works a little differently. The BIOS/firmware determine which entry is booted.

You don’t need to re-install grub. You can either change the order in your BIOS or use the command efibootmgr to alter the order.

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My apologies, I didn’t realize that. I know how to change the boot order from my bios, but I never considered that. My brain reverted to the old MBR days. Thanks so much.

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