Cant find checksum for silverblue

it does not contain any valid checksum to compare how to find that
this does not open anything

Yep, the installation guide link is broken. You can report it to the team here: Issues · fedora-silverblue/silverblue-site · GitHub.

However you can download the checksum file linked in such page
and follow the instructions you can find here:
Security and Download Verification

(Please ignore the warning message sha256sum: WARNING: 17 lines are improperly formatted, it is due to the gpg signature included in the checksum file, the important thing is that the output of the sha256sum command contains Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-x86_64-37-1.7.iso: OK and not Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-x86_64-37-1.7.iso: FAILED)

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