Cant find apps in software

I’m new to Linux so i don’t know if I’m missing something obvious. When I installed Fedora 35 I enabled third party repositories. I was able to find Steam in the Software app and installed it but I cant find VLC, MPV or OBS and I’ve read that they should be there. Could some one tell me how to find them please?

For .rpm packages from rpm fusion

$ sudo dnf search packagename
$sudo dnf install packagename

Form flatpak enabled
flatpak install flathub org.videolan.VLC
flatpak install flathub com.obsproject.Studio
flatpak install flathub io.mpv.Mpv

If you are using Fedora Workstation, you need to add the rpmfusion repos

If you are running Silverblue/Kinoite you need to enable flathub


If you are using Silverblue, go to Flatpak—the future of application distribution and follow the link to enable the flatub repository file for Fedora.

I thought the enable 3rd party when I installed Fedora Workstation 35 was supposed to add the rpmfusion repos for me.
When typed in dnf search vlc nothing it did something then said not found

No, it doesn’t. I believe that enables some repos with only a handful pf packages in them like steam and chrome.

Then you may not have added rpm fusion repoo please enable it then try it will work fine.

I believe you see rpmfusion non-free Nvidia, rpmfusion non-free Steam and chrome as the entries in the software center.

The additional third part software has to be enabled as @dalto described.

Thank you. I re read the documentation and it does say it does not add more programs and that it just makes it easier to set them up. I followed the set up for the flatpak and rpmfusion from their sites youve linked then updating and installing the appstream. I can now see the apps I want both flatpaks and rpm in Software. Fedora is a bit more complicated to set up than I thought.
Thanks all for the help.

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