Can't edit post?

Continuing the discussion from F42 Change Proposal: Unprivileged management of system Flatpaks (system-wide):

Which post? What is the issue?

I cannot edit the main Change proposal post.

Change proposals normally get the tags fesco f42 in this case.

On just this proposal the tags are missing. On another one, mostly a copy, they are present, also f42.

When I try to edit the post and submit it, it says “you need to add at least 2 tags” but clicking on the tage fiels does not do anything.

@moderators you could probably add the above tags manually, as a workaround.

Ah, done. It looks like @amoloney has fallen victim to one of my biggest annoyances with Discourse: moderators are allowed to break the rules, even when those rules are there as guardrails to, for example, prevent Changes from being posted without the requisite tags.


Aaah okay, funny. Thanks!

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