Can't disable plymouth-quit-wait.service

I would like to reduce my machine boot time. On my old Fedora 29 XFCE spin, I removed services like the plymouth-quit-wait.service, which was taking 30.541s.

On my new laptop with a fresh Fedora 30 installation, I see another plymouth service, the plymouth-switch-root.service. Even after I disabled the first service, it keeps running. I’m checking it by running systemd-analyze blame.

Is it safe to also disable the plymouth-switch-root.service? I saw it runs before the initrd-switch-root.service, so it kept me from disabling it before understanding its behaviour.

plymouth-quit-wait runs in parallel with other services; it tracks when boot completes in order to turn off the boot logo, and therefore it will always take the entirety of the boot time.

TL;DR plymouth-quit-wait shouldn’t actually add anything to your boot time, it just runs during the full boot process to see when it ends.

A slightly more useful measure may be systemd-analyze plot, which will graph your boot so you can see what services are started in parallel. That way, you’ll be able to see if anything in particular is actually holding up boot.