Cannot wake P1 G3 from suspend after Intel and Lenovo upgrades

Lenovo P1 Gen 3 w/ Intel i7-10750H and, if I remember correctly, NVIDIA Quadro set to discrete graphics. Fedora 34 with multiple spins included; KDE active.

The machine was not used between August 22 and August 28, 2021. It was all up to date on August 22.

On August 28, there was an update available for the Intel Management Engine. I installed it. The machine was then (after a reboot) unable to stay in suspend. It would go to sleep; then nearly immediately wake up; then nearly immediately go into sleep again; then nearly immediately wake up; etc. until I powered it off. It would power on as expected.

On August 29, a “system update” was available. I didn’t really look very hard at what it was, because my enabled repositories are few. I assumed, and still assume, it was from the Lenovo repo. I installed it, rebooted, and the sleep/wake/sleep/wake problem appeared to be gone. However…

Now it won’t wake from suspend. I have to power it off and then power it back on.

I’m new to Linux. My first question to all of you is whether I should just wait and do nothing about this, on the assumption that untold others are having the same issue and that it will be fixed in a matter of days. If your answer is no, that I should not just wait passively, then how should I go about diagnosing and fixing this?