Cannot set up OpenVPN (vpnc)

It appears that I cannot set up an OpenConnect VPN connection since Fedora 36. When I try, I get the error message “Error: unable to load VPN connection editor” (see screenshots).

Back on Fedora 35 and before I never experienced that problem.

Looking online, I found an older bug report for Fedora 29, which suggests to install NetworkManager-libreswan concluding the bug.

Other sources (e.g. for Ubuntu) suggest to install openvpn network-manager-openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome.

However, I do have all these packages installed and removed and re-installed them, to make sure that they are not broken.

# dnf list NetworkManager-libreswan NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome NetworkManager-openvpn NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome NetworkManager-vpnc NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome openvpn vpnc
Last metadata expiration check: 0:07:14 ago on Fri 27 May 2022 02:54:13 PM CEST.
Installed Packages
NetworkManager-libreswan.x86_64         1.2.16-1.fc36          @fedora
NetworkManager-libreswan-gnome.x86_64   1.2.16-1.fc36          @fedora
NetworkManager-openvpn.x86_64           1:1.8.18-1.fc36        @fedora
NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome.x86_64     1:1.8.18-1.fc36        @fedora
NetworkManager-vpnc.x86_64              1:1.2.8-1.fc36         @fedora
NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome.x86_64        1:1.2.8-1.fc36         @fedora
openvpn.x86_64                          2.5.6-1.fc36           @fedora
vpnc.x86_64                             0.5.3-43.svn550.fc36   @fedora

While removed, I even tested to confirm that those VPN options disappeared; and they did. Though once re-installed, I was at square one again.

The installation is a fresh install using Fedora Server 36 which was “uplifted” to Cinnamon Desktop using an installation and configuration script I wrote.

Is there something I missed? A package yet maybe? Some permissions incorrect on specific files? Or did the aforementioned bug return with a vengeance (regression)?

Welcome back, Phoenix. Did you check Common Issues in this forum?

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@mhdave, I did check around as well as the “related topics” coming up when typing my question, but none seemed to match what I was looking for. So, I must have missed that.

Thanks! Now I know the background. So, it’s just waiting then (wouldn’t be able to fix/update those myself).