Cannot see mobile broadband cards in Dell laptops since upgrading to Fedora 33

I have recently upgraded two Dell E6430 laptops to Fedora 33, I did this direct from version 31 as for some reason I missed 32.

Everything seemed to go ok, but both machines, which contain Sierra Wireless AirPrime 7W5P6 DW5570 4G cards and which worked perfectly until this upgrade, now no longer see the cards.

Can anyone assist…? The BIOS sees that the cards are installed, but the system doesn’t, so I’m assuming the drivers have been missed out somehow…? What are the drivers required and how do I go about installing them…?

Many thanks,


PS - I can no longer access my Samba shares either, yes I know SMB1 is considered a security risk, but surely that’s for me to decide on my own system…?