Cannot mute category "Ask Fedora"


I posted this as a reply to the email guide but seeing as I did not get any response to my question there, I’m reposting it as a new topic.

Is it possible to mute a category while still tracking the first posts for certain tags, or do I need to set this up differently?



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You can mute a (and multiple) category in preferences;

  • Click your profile avatar on top right
  • Go to preferences
  • Select “tracking” tab
  • On categories, scroll down to “muted”
  • Click + sign and type a category you want to mute
  • Save changes

That works for me when I want to concentrate on selected categories, so it compensate my attention deficit on core tasks I follow.

Hello @hankuoffroad ,

yes, that is what I did. It appears though that the addition of tags in the “Watching first post” ignores that setting. I want to get notified on e.g. f38 tags while not receiving anything having to do with Ask Fedora. Is there any way to accomplish this?



Seems like it might be a limitation of Discourse. You could solve it on your end by filtering based on X-Discourse-Category header in your mail client.

Right — the rules are pretty simple, and it is basically “more specific wins”. This is the problem I’m wresting with in Adding -team to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion. If you have any ideas, I’m open to them!

That said…

The f38 tag is in the “Fedora Linux Releases” tag group, and that tag group can only be used in categories under Ask Fedora (including Common Issues ). So in a sense this isn’t possible simply because there will never be f38 posts that don’t have anything to do with Ask.

(For Common Issues, it’s probably sufficient in practice to not worry about the tags and just watch all first posts, as most such posts are going to be about the current release anyway.)

Right, so if I understand this correctly, then I need to make sure that I only subscribe to tags listed on this page underneath the “Fedora Teams and Interest Groups”?

I ask because there is no visual indication that the “Fedora Linux Releases” tag group is only used in Ask Fedora, at least not where I can find it.

It would be very helpful to have some sort of mapping available because on the description of the site setup that was linked, it is not clear at all from what I can see. I might be missing something though.

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Thanks — that’s good feedback. Unfortunately, the Tags page is pretty limited in flexibility right now, with no way to add descriptions or details.

This falls under the area of the note at the top — merging in Ask has added some complication, and I’m still thinking about how to write about it in a way that doesn’t make things worse. :classic_smiley:

Okay, so: upstream Discourse is working on an advanced search filter feature which would allow one to make links to, for example, tag:f38 -category:ask. See Experimental topics list filter feature - feature - Discourse Meta

This feature does not currently have anything to do with notifications. However, I’ve asked them to look into an advanced notification configuration which would allow this. I think this would solve our problems — both this and Adding -team to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion.

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Thanks @mattdm, that would definitely help.

In the meantime for future visitors and future me, either subscribing to the tags in the category “Fedora Teams and Interest Groups”, or to filter client-side on X-Discourse-Category should help.