Cannot get permission of flatpak app

How do I get the permission granted to a flatpak app from the command line?

For instance the following command:

flatpak permission-show com.abisource.AbiWord

returns nothing.

And it must have some permission and also Flatseal shows some permissions

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Try this

flatpak info --show-permissions <app id>

Not sure what flatpak permission-show is meant to do—it doesn’t do anything here either. The man page mentions portals.

I would say the command normally lists the permissions to the file-system.
In the case I run $ flatpak permission-show org.gnome.Evolution I get a list of files in my home folder. It doesn’t list anything for most flatpaks, probably because they do not have any access to files.


flatpak info --show-permissions <app id>

shows context and policy related information.

I need to further investigate that.

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