Cannot connect to Eduroam (connection pop-up closes and fails silently)

Hey everone,

When trying to connect to Eduroam (University WiFi) when I click connect the window closes but there is no attempt at creating a connection nor an error. it just doensn’t connect. in the past it connected to the WiFi or if the password was wrong gave me an error. Now it just seems to fail silently. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

Can you connect with your institution’s Configuration Assistant Tool?


Awesome thanks!!! This worked! I tried these workarounds and they did not work:

Many thanks!


Than please mark this as a solution, It might help some of many eduroam users. :school:

If your uni doesnt have this tool, normally you just need to know the correct inputs and have the custom certificate.

At least my Uni does it like that here you can download it