Cannot connect to Ca’ Foscari University of Venice’s eduroam wifi

I cannot connect to my university’s eduroam network. I am 100% sure credentials are correct. Here is the configuration I am using ( would upload a screenshot but I get a prompt saying something went wrong while uploading the screenshots):

  • PEAP authentication
  • “no digital certificate required” checked
  • Auto PEAP version
  • Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • my university’s account’s username and password

The connection loads, but then it times out, re-prompting me with password and username.

Even after running the script downloaded from, the problem persists.

I am running Fedora 38 with kernel 6.3.3 (issue has been occurring also with 6.1 and 6.2).

Do you have any suggestions?

It’s hard to tell from that info.
In any case, I use MSCHAPv2(noEAP) with Eduroam. But you should also double check how you are supposed to specify your username for eduroam - it includes the radius realm.

Hello @xplosionmind, have you seen this post? Cannot connect to WPA2-Enterprise University wifi (Eduroam) on Fedora 36+
Or maybe these other ones
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Hi! Thanks for your reply!

I checked any other eduroam-related post. Solutions are obsolete or not working.