Cannot boot with kernel 5.10

my system recently updated from kernel 5.8 to 5.10.
When I select the 5.10 boot option, the system is immediately stuck with a black screen, no disk activity, and I have to hard reboot.
The 5.8 boot option still works fine.
My computer is a 2016 Asus Zenbook (UX303U).
My Fedora install is very recent (about 2 weeks) and I didn’t do anything funny to it. Just installing updates when I get prompted to.

Could you please help me diagnose the issue?

This seems related to 1903332 – Can't boot with kernel-5.9.10-200.fc33.x86_64 on Asus UX305CA/UX305CA

As mentioned, updating my BIOS fixed the issue.

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