Cannot add repo due to "Repository 'epel-38-aarch64' does not exist in project '@asahi/kernel-edge'"

I am trying to add the kernel-edge repo to my device by running the command sudo dnf copr enable @asahi/kernel-edge, however I am getting an error that Repository 'epel-38-aarch64' does not exist in project '@asahi/kernel-edge'.. I am unsure why dnf is reading my architecture as “epel-38-aarch64” and not “fedora-38-aarch64”, which is listed as an available repository. I have no idea why this is the case for my device, as I don’t even have ‘epel-release’ installed and I don’t see anything related to “epel” anywhere on my list of repos. Is there anyway that I can fix this? Thank you!

Note: This is not just a problem with “@asahi/kernel-edge” but occurs with any COPR repo.

Aside from kernel-edge being unneeded and outdated since all the features are merged into the main kernel COPR, this should be working properly with dnf-plugins-core-4.4.2 or newer.

If it’s broken and you have this version installed (rpm -q dnf-plugins-core), then please file a bug report.

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